Sweet Adventure (Klaus Brothers #3) By: Penny Watson


Sweet Adventure (Klaus Brothers #3) By: Penny Watson


Sven Klaus, Chief Toy Designer for Klaus Enterprises, will protect his family at any cost. He’s prepared to battle the most threatening adversaries to do it–frost flowers, snowstorms, Yeti. And beautiful tenacious tabloid journalists. Andi De Luca’s reporting career is built on lies–about corrupt politicians, greedy Hollywood stars, and Bigfoot. Now she’s determined to uncover the truth about Klaus Enterprises, and she always gets her story. Even if it means revealing her own secret desires to Santa’s son. After all the lies and deception are exposed, will Andi and Sven survive this North Pole adventure? Or will YETI MAKE THEM DEADY? Penny Watson presents a 45,000-word holiday fantasy romance, #3 in the Klaus Brothers Series. Includes paranormal phenomena, Christmas spirit, and yes…an abominable snowmonster.


Once again not really set around Christmas. However, Santa is there and so are elves and the North Pole so it’s still got that vibe. It’s a pass as a holiday book, but barely.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Sven, especially after my feelings for Oskar, but I really warmed up to him. Watson describes him as a hippy but he’s not the image of a stereotypical tree hugger that pops into my mind. At least not by the end of the book.

Andi was fine, very intrepid reporter thinking about her story until she falls in love. There was no spanking in this one so I liked that lol

Enjoyed the ending and it’s clear what the next one will be about. I’m curious to see how Gregor does with Andi’s sister and how the family thing ends up working out.



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