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Sweet Cinderella (Klaus Brothers #4) By: Penny Watson


Sweet Cinderella (Klaus Brothers #4) By: Penny Watson


Just one night.

Hannah De Luca Andersen has been battered by the worst year ever, but even that can’t squash her love of the holiday season. She has one night to forget life’s hardships and enjoy the magic of an elegant Christmas gala. If she’s really lucky, maybe a handsome prince will ask her to dance.

Gregor Klaus, Director of Finance for Klaus Enterprises, has completely lost his Christmas spirit. One look at Hannah thaws his icy demeanor and gives him a new sense of purpose. If he can only figure out the key to Hannah’s heart, he might have the best Christmas of his life.

But one night isn’t enough for Gregor Klaus. He won’t be satisfied with anything less than forever.


This was a cute little Christmas romance that I cried throughout. I blame pregnancy hormones. I just couldn’t handle a widow with twin boys being swept off her feet by a burly, rich man that fell in love at first sight.

I hardly remember the other books in the series, but it didn’t matter. The other characters were there but you didn’t need to have read the others to understand what was going on. I’d still recommend reading in order, though, because there were nods you wouldn’t have picked up on.

Cute book and series.


Sweet Adventure (Klaus Brothers #3) By: Penny Watson


Sweet Adventure (Klaus Brothers #3) By: Penny Watson


Sven Klaus, Chief Toy Designer for Klaus Enterprises, will protect his family at any cost. He’s prepared to battle the most threatening adversaries to do it–frost flowers, snowstorms, Yeti. And beautiful tenacious tabloid journalists. Andi De Luca’s reporting career is built on lies–about corrupt politicians, greedy Hollywood stars, and Bigfoot. Now she’s determined to uncover the truth about Klaus Enterprises, and she always gets her story. Even if it means revealing her own secret desires to Santa’s son. After all the lies and deception are exposed, will Andi and Sven survive this North Pole adventure? Or will YETI MAKE THEM DEADY? Penny Watson presents a 45,000-word holiday fantasy romance, #3 in the Klaus Brothers Series. Includes paranormal phenomena, Christmas spirit, and yes…an abominable snowmonster.


Once again not really set around Christmas. However, Santa is there and so are elves and the North Pole so it’s still got that vibe. It’s a pass as a holiday book, but barely.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Sven, especially after my feelings for Oskar, but I really warmed up to him. Watson describes him as a hippy but he’s not the image of a stereotypical tree hugger that pops into my mind. At least not by the end of the book.

Andi was fine, very intrepid reporter thinking about her story until she falls in love. There was no spanking in this one so I liked that lol

Enjoyed the ending and it’s clear what the next one will be about. I’m curious to see how Gregor does with Andi’s sister and how the family thing ends up working out.


Sweet Magik (Klaus Brothers #2) By: Penny Watson

Sweet Magik

Sweet Magik (Klaus Brothers #2) By: Penny Watson


Oskar Klaus’ job is killing him. Not even his favorite hobbies (extreme snowboarding and browsing old bookstores) are enough to snap him out of his funk. It’s not easy living in the shadow of four successful older brothers and a father named Santa. Little does he know that a kiss on New Year’s Eve is about to turn his life upside-down.

Kiana Grant’s Manhattan life is a world away from her childhood in Oahu. She traded sunsets and surfing for a respectable career in library science, but Oskar Klaus is a temptation that’s hard to resist. Before she knows it, she’s in the midst of an outrageous adventure in the North Pole, dealing with mischievous elves, wicked demons, and a devastating attraction to Santa’s youngest son.

There’s just one problem…a bitter elf hell-bent on revenge threatens the future of everyone in the North Pole, even Santa himself…


Not as much Christmas in this one. It takes place after New Years and while there are Christmas elements since Santa is still there and it’s at the North Pole it’s not as big a deal. There also wasn’t much about finding the next Santa in this one.

Overall the stories main focus was on Oskar and Kiana (Great name) and their relationship, with an evil elf thrown in for good measure.

I really liked the side romance between Iago and Lys (Not sure if I got those names right, sorry). I actually liked their romance more than Oskar and Kiana. There was something about Oskar that didn’t really do it for me, can’t put my finger on it though. Maybe it was the spanking? Honestly I ended up skipping fair amounts of the sex scenes because I just wasn’t feeling it. Kiana was resistant to him and then she’s like lets take a shower together. Eh. Oh well.

Still want to know what’s going to happen in the world over all so I’ll finish up the series next year. From what I’ve found online it looks like a new one was released this year so I’ll have to check that out too, maybe next year the final one will be released.


Sweet Inspiration (Klaus Brothers #1) By: Penny Watson

Sweet Inspiration

Sweet Inspiration (Klaus Brothers #1) By: Penny Watson


What if the legend of Santa Claus is in fact, true? What if Santa has five big strapping sons who help him run his empire? Five single, sexy sons looking for romance…

Nicholas Klaus is a master pastry chef, a strict disciplinarian, and the eldest son of the legendary Santa Claus. One look at café owner Lucy Brewster sends him into an unexpected tailspin of lusty desires. When Lucy is injured, Nicholas makes a decision that catapults both of their lives into turmoil ….

Lucy Brewster, the free-spirited proprietor of Sweet Inspiration, has a flair for concocting sugary confections but no time for adventure. She gets more than she bargained for when she awakens in the North Pole…rambunctious elves, a fitness-obsessed Santa, and the man of her dreams. Does she have what it takes to become the next Mrs. Klaus?


Now this was what I was looking for! There can be no mistake that this is a Christmas book, Santa is in it for crying out loud, and I was not left wanting by the romance.

Nicholas and Lucy do not beat around the bush and don’t try to resist their attraction or even put off having sex. This book is very much an adult Christmas story.

Really like the world that was created and I’m looking forward to reading more about the Klaus brothers. I am concerned, though, because there are five brothers but only three books listed on Goodreads. The most recent one came out last year so maybe there’s one every Christmas? Not sure, we’ll see.