Pete’s Christmas (2013)


Pete’s Christmas (2013)


Nisha Ganatra


Zachary Gordon

Molly Parker

Rick Roberts


A put-upon teen finds himself reliving the same miserable Christmas day over and over again.


I’m really not looking forward to the teenage years if this and YA books are any indication. Maybe I can get rid of my kids when they reach that age.

Anyway, this was a classic repeating day movie, only this time it’s a stupid teenage boy re-living the worst Christmas of his life. It takes him a lot self-pity boring days before he finally starts to try and make the day better. It takes him a while to figure out that he can even change things. It’s ridiculous.

The new neighbor kid is of course a cute girl and he eventually ends up telling her everything and she accepts it. Days will pass and it will cut to them talking and she always knows what’s happening. It didn’t really make sense because at that point he’d be spending a lot of time telling her what was going on, but whatever.

Movie was eh, Christmas was a big part of it, but definitely not getting put into my rotation.

This Christmas movie was brought to you by Wal-Mart



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