Witch for Hire (Witch for Hire #1) By: N.E. Conneely


Witch for Hire (Witch for Hire #1) By: N.E. Conneely


Most witches don’t work for police departments, but Michelle isn’t your average witch. She’s clanless, looking for a warlock who isn’t offended by her lack of family connections, and in danger of losing her job if she can’t find the escaped trolls before they start eating the local residents. Trolls, angry police, and misbehaving spells are the least of her problems. Statues attacking homeowners might be problematic for your average witch, but to Michelle it’s another day at the office. Her real concern is the wizard suddenly interested in dating her and an old elf set on pestering her. When her happy family is rocked by a long kept secret her stable life falls apart faster than she can pick up the pieces. And she still hasn’t found those trolls.

This was a pleasant surprise. I honestly can’t remember when I got this book, it’s been sitting on my kindle for a long time apparently.

First off, the world that was created was fleshed out and felt new and interesting. Well, maybe not new, but it wasn’t just your typical add supernatural elements and stir. The supernatural has always existed and humans at some point had been slaves. There was history and little things for each species, it was interesting and fresh for me.

Second, I really liked how the story progressed. You were basically just following Michelle around in her life with no indication that anything bigger might happen. It was fairly chill up until the end and even that wasn’t too balls to the wall. It was a nice change of pace from constant action in an urban fantasy, but it was by no means boring. Getting to see the world and all that was going on made things fun.

Those two points really made me enjoy the book. Michelle as a character isn’t anything amazing, but she has the possibility to grow on me. There were also a few other characters that I enjoyed, though, I hope the secrecy around her parents isn’t dragged out.

All in all, I’m excited to have found this book and I’m looking forward to the next.



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