Ghosted (2017-?)

Ghosted (2017-?)




Craig Robinson

Adam Scott

Ally Walker


A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles.


I waited until I’d watched the second episode to write my review because the pilot seemed really rushed, like it wanted to set everything up in the first thirty minute episode so that the rest of the season could be more focused. I’m not sure if it accomplished that goal, but the second episode was less rushed, however it still felt short. Maybe it’s because the concept as a comedy is new to me? I’m not sure.

The pilot had some funny moments, but it was mainly world and character building. The second episode was a bit funnier, but I still don’t think they’ve quiet hit their stride.

I love Craig Robinson and Adam Scott so even though I’m still unsure about this show I’m going to stick it out and hope it gets better.



Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries #4) By: Ellery Adams

Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries #4) By: Ellery Adams


Ella Mae LeFaye’s Charmed Pie Shoppe has become a phenomenon beyond her wildest dreams, providing the enchanted town of Havenwood, Georgia, with spellbinding desserts and magical pies. Her personal life is also heating up as she takes on the responsibilities of leadership within her magical community. In fact, the only thing weighing her down is the fact that handsome Hugh Dylan won’t return her calls…

Still, when Havenwood is rocked by a series of mysterious deaths, Ella Mae must put romantic longings aside—especially when she realizes that the mystical symbols left at each crime scene are dangerously personal. Now she will have to whip up all her supernatural skills to uncover a killer out to settle an ancient score—before the murderer devastates everything Ella Mae is determined to protect…


I’m not sure what I feel after finishing this book. A ton happened and it was definitely more on the paranormal side than cozy side of things, and I’m just not sure.

First, I guess, I didn’t like Ella Mae in this book. I haven’t been much of a fan through the series but she was just too perfect in this. She magically knew exactly what to do and she was forgiving and pure and so self-sacrificing. It was just too much for me since I already wasn’t fond of her.

Second, love triangle. You know what I think about them, however, with the Hugh thing seeming to go nowhere it didn’t bother me as much as normal. Honestly, though, I feel sorry for the new guy since she’s spent the last three books talking about how Hugh is the love of her life. It seems a bit cruel.

Last, the ending. Man, I’m just not sure about it. I won’t give anything away, but the main story arc is resolved. One of the issues that was resolved was literally done in a sentence. Maybe two, can’t remember, it was kind of abrupt. Like oh yeah, here’s the answer to that problem that’s been plaguing your kind for hundreds of years. That part of things felt rushed and the rest just left me feeling kind of empty, but not in a good way. Not like I’d been through an emotional roller-coaster sort of way, more like a eh sort of way. Kind of sad.

I plan on reading the next book in the series and because I really liked the previous books I’m not giving this as low a rating as I normally would. I think, I’m going to take a break before I continue on, though.


Pecan Pies and Homicides (Charmed Pie Shoppe #3) By: Ellery Adams

Pecan Pies and Homicides (Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries #3) By: Ellery Adams


Owning the Charmed Pie Shoppe and serving enchanted treats in the magical town of Havenwood, Georgia, seemed like a little slice of heaven for Ella Mae LeFaye. But now her hopes for both a lasting romance with Hugh Dylan and business success are starting to seem like pie in the sky, and Ella’s left wondering: Where has the magic gone?   When an enchanted grove is set ablaze, Ella realizes she has more grave problems. With her magic waning, she’s going to have to sleuth from scratch to stop an arsonist who has no respect for sacred ground—or human life…

Still liking this series a lot. The world was further developed, as were relationships, and goals created in the previous book. I actually really like that one of her major goals was accomplished and not dragged out. Unfortunately, there’s still no relationship resolution with Hugh.

Ella Mae is learning to use her powers and learning about the world around her, most of that seems to be happening off screen, but that’s fine. I really like the combination Adams has made of paranormal and cozy, it’s pretty much half and half, neither dominates, which makes things interesting. I like it.

As a character Ella Mae is kind of growing on me, still not someone I care too much about, but not quite as boring as before. Really looking forward to the next book and hoping for some Hugh resolution.


Witch for Hire (Witch for Hire #1) By: N.E. Conneely


Witch for Hire (Witch for Hire #1) By: N.E. Conneely


Most witches don’t work for police departments, but Michelle isn’t your average witch. She’s clanless, looking for a warlock who isn’t offended by her lack of family connections, and in danger of losing her job if she can’t find the escaped trolls before they start eating the local residents. Trolls, angry police, and misbehaving spells are the least of her problems. Statues attacking homeowners might be problematic for your average witch, but to Michelle it’s another day at the office. Her real concern is the wizard suddenly interested in dating her and an old elf set on pestering her. When her happy family is rocked by a long kept secret her stable life falls apart faster than she can pick up the pieces. And she still hasn’t found those trolls.

This was a pleasant surprise. I honestly can’t remember when I got this book, it’s been sitting on my kindle for a long time apparently.

First off, the world that was created was fleshed out and felt new and interesting. Well, maybe not new, but it wasn’t just your typical add supernatural elements and stir. The supernatural has always existed and humans at some point had been slaves. There was history and little things for each species, it was interesting and fresh for me.

Second, I really liked how the story progressed. You were basically just following Michelle around in her life with no indication that anything bigger might happen. It was fairly chill up until the end and even that wasn’t too balls to the wall. It was a nice change of pace from constant action in an urban fantasy, but it was by no means boring. Getting to see the world and all that was going on made things fun.

Those two points really made me enjoy the book. Michelle as a character isn’t anything amazing, but she has the possibility to grow on me. There were also a few other characters that I enjoyed, though, I hope the secrecy around her parents isn’t dragged out.

All in all, I’m excited to have found this book and I’m looking forward to the next.


Scared Witchless (Bless Your Witch #1) By: Amy Boyles


Scared Witchless (Bless Your Witch #1) By: Amy Boyles


A witch. A murder. A wedding dress?
Dylan Apel is having one heck of a summer. She knows her hand-made clothing is special, but magical? Discovering that she’s a witch is bad enough, but when Dylan realizes there are folks who’ll kill to possess her witchy powers— that’s enough to make a girl want to hide out in the back of her boutique. Only problem is, Queen Witch is in town, itchin’ to make sure Dylan learns to cast spells, and this witch won’t take no for an answer.

Dylan must learn fast—someone just killed her best client with a poisoned gown meant for Dylan. Was it the tall, mysterious hottie in black, who’s suddenly everywhere she goes? After all, the first thing Roman Bane says is he doesn’t like witches. Is he here to save her, or kill her?

Dylan is barely getting a handle on her new powers when she finds herself surrounded by witches bossing her this way and that, local police nosing about, and wary clients—death by clothing is not good for business. And the solstice is coming … a time when witch powers are at their peak. Can Dylan survive the chaos long enough to figure out her new life?


A while ago I was looking for a paranormal cozy and I kept picking up books that weren’t what I was looking for, this, finally, is exactly what I was trying to find. An interesting magic system and a nice cast of characters. I did think there could have been more development on the character front, there might have been too much focused on magic, but they did just discover they were witches. I found the grandmother to be more annoying than kooky or endearing. I also didn’t like how the romance ended, Dylan was being too insecure on that front and I’m concerned that might dominate too much in future books.