Sense 8

Recently I watched and loved the second season of Sense 8, almost as soon as I’d finished Netflix announced that it had been canceled. I felt so betrayed. It’s been some time since I heard their decision and I can safely say that I’m still pissed off. I’ve actually gone so far as to cancel Netflix. While, I’m sure I’ll be back, for the first time in about ten years I won’t have Netflix. When I do inevitably re-subscribe I don’t see myself keeping it going indefinitely. I’ll probably just watch what I want then cancel it again.

I thought they were going to be different from networks and at least give me closure on their shows, but Sense 8 season 2 had a massive cliffhanger and now we’ll never know what happened. The Wachowskis told them from the beginning that they planned on five seasons, they knew that it was going to be a large cast and filmed all over the world. None of this was news and yet Netflix decided not to continue.

I understand that they weren’t getting the kind of viewer numbers they expected, but that’s the beauty of the Netflix model, the show is going nowhere. It will always be there for people to discover and love, only now they will find it and be let down. It will be the next Firefly, a vocal fanbase that feels forever slighted. If we could only get a movie to wrap it up that might make things better.

I don’t normally write stuff like this, I write reviews, but it bothered me so much I felt like I had to share something. For now, I’m going to wrap up watching the few things in my Netflix queue that aren’t available anywhere else, and then probably end up buying more seasons of things on Amazon. Because, honestly, fuck you Netflix.


Clearly my post has worked, lol, Netflix is going to let them create a two hour movie. I know it’s not going to have everything I want, but hopefully it’s enough. Yeah!


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