The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

The Incredible Jessica James (2017)


Jim Strouse


Jessica Williams

Chris O’Dowd

Lakeith Stanfield


An aspiring playwright in New York strikes up a friendship with a guy while on the rebound from a break-up.


I like Jessica Williams from The Daily Show and I thought the trailer for this looked funny. There were definitely funny moments but it was really about a young woman trying to figure her life out. Which is fun, but I’m past that point in my life, until I have a midlife crisis, so it’s not as entertaining for me as it used to be.

Jessica is ridiculously confident, except when she isn’t, which I can relate to. I did find it difficult to watch when she took out her frustrations on the kid, but they made up and she apologized. She does sincere very well, sincere and passionate.

Is it weird that I find it sad when people who have good families, families that love them and just want what’s best for them, but they can’t handle being around them? Jessica’s family loves her, but she doesn’t “fit it” with them so she’s got her own family in NY basically. I’m glad she has her own family, I just wish she didn’t seem so sad around her biological family. I think I feel that way because it reminds me of a specific family member that I love, but that acts like being with family is the worst.

Anyway, the movie was fine, I liked the ending a lot, loved the character of Jessica James, really just need to stop watching indie movies cause I’m not a fan of the genre.



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