My Santa (2013)

My Santa (2013)


Sam Irvin


Samaire Armstrong

Matthew Lawrence

Julie Brown


Single mom Jen Robbins, who is a writer of human interest stories for the newspaper in the small town where she has lived all her life, lost the Christmas spirit ever since her ex-husband split.


So what do we have here, a Christmas movie where the male lead is super young looking. It’s actually kind of weird cause he looks young twenties and the female lead looks early thirties. However, I looked it up and he’s 33 and she is too. Life is really not fair, he should not look that young.

Love triangle, check.

Scrooge, mommy is not in on the Christmas spirit, check.

Jim O’Heir (Jerry from Parks and Rec), I feel like he should be added to the check list because he’s been in a couple so far, check.

Bad acting, check.

Super-fast romance, check.

It was alright, could have done with a bit more. The whole Santa’s kid thing was cool, but the main focus wasn’t that, it was the mom regaining the joy of Christmas, they did a good job with that though.



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