Christmas in the City (2013)

Christmas in the City (2013)


Marita Grabiak


Ashley Williams


Jon Prescott


With the threat of having to close her father’s candy store, Wendy and her six-year-old daughter Grace travel to the big city in hopes of making extra holiday cash to save their family store. When she’s offered a job in the toy department of Wolman’s, the city’s biggest department store, Wendy can’t wait! Her excitement doesn’t last long when the store’s new corporate fixer, Teanna, progressively destroys the Christmas spirit throughout the store, replacing Santa with hunky male underwear models surrounded by elfin “babes.” What no one is aware of is that Teanna has in fact sacked the real Santa. Wendy reaches out to the old man, but it seems even he is giving up hope. With her daughter losing faith in the holiday, Wendy realizes the true meaning of Christmas needs to return to Wolman’s before it is too late.


Wendy, Ashley Williams, is about as good girl as you can get. She’s doing everything she can to keep her parents business open including heading to the big bad city to work in retail which apparently will save a small business. I thought the department store was actually pretty cool, they did Christmas bonuses for everyone and had daycare free for employees and shoppers. Honestly, that right there is a Christmas miracle.

Tom, Jon Prescott, was as handsome as you want in your Christmas movies, he could also sing and play the piano. That combined with a family business makes him the perfect Christmas male lead. The only thing he was missing was a royal title.

Wendy had a daughter that was completely unbelievable, there is no child that cute and perfect. They also kept showing flashes of her mother looking distraught while working with an accountant which was supposed to show how dire the situation was, but I thought that could have been better done through phone calls.

Wendy and Tom worked well together, though, like usual their romance progressed superfast. However, things didn’t end with a proposal, more like a promise of actual dates.

The movie was cute, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I think, and I know this is hard to believe, but I think I’m all sweet Christmas movied out. There was a lot of implied religious overtones, even though there was lots of Santa, and that didn’t help either.




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