Disney Toybox Wave 5 Thoughts

I’m playing catchup when it comes to Disney Toybox figures. My obsession started after they were already several waves in so I’m having to piece things together. From what I can tell these are the Wave 5 figures:








Gray Hulk

Gray Hulk.jpeg

Han Solo

Han Solo.jpg



Yoda (No pic as of yet)

All but Yoda are showing up on the Disney Store website at the time I’m writing this, but from just my new experience that doesn’t seem odd. Their online store appears to get things later than their actual physical stores. These are currently exclusive to the Disney Store so that’s important to know. You can buy them through Amazon, because Disney has a version of their store available there, but once they’re sold out you have to go through a third party.

Anyway, this most recent wave has some interesting additions. Han and Chewie look amazing, which continues the theme of great Star Wars figures for this line. Their expressions and accessories are perfect and once again they’re from the original trilogy. They are an obvious addition to the line and I can’t wait to add them to my collection.

Ralph and Vanellope are another obvious choice for the Disney line. Wreck it Ralph 2 comes out in theaters soon so it’s understandable why these were released now. Ralph is massive and is $2 more expensive than a regular figure. His body and clothes look great, but, like the Jessie toy, I’m a bit disappointed in the face. It’s rather generic, though, it’s not as derpy as the Incredibles family. Vanellope doesn’t have that problem, she’s smirking and looking amused at something. Lots of personality there, her accessories are also adorable.

Baymax, like Ralph, costs $2 more than a usual figure because of his massive size. Dressed in his bright red armor he looks like he’d be a lot of fun to play with. He has removable wings and several moveable joints. Released along side him is Hiro who comes with a changeable hair or helmet option. He’s got a smirk on his face and is definitely rocking some personality. I assume these two were released because of the series.

The odd ball in this entire batch, for me, is Gray Hulk. I’m not sure why they would release him. He hasn’t been in any of the movies and they have certainly not used up all the characters from the franchise yet. His expression is different from the Green Hulk that was released earlier, but he is still, ultimately, a Hulk, just a different color.


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