New Disney Toybox Action Figure Sets

For those of you with large disposable incomes, or for who Toybox collecting is a super serious hobby, Disney has some new sets for you. If you’re a Hawkguy or War Machine fan a $130 set is the only way you’ll be able to get them.

The Captain America figure really nails what I love about this series. The whole aesthetic. You can really see the Disney Infinity influence there. Honestly, it really shows how lacking and boring the other figures are IMO. Oh well, I’ll stop.


Disney Toybox Star-Lord T’Challa

Holy cow I was not expecting this figure, but I’m so happy they did it. I’ve only seen a few episodes of What if? but I really liked this episode. Peter Quill is such a fuck up so it was cool to see just how different things would have been with T’Challa as Star-Lord.

What I particularly love about this figure is the second head. While it looks creepy in the packaging, I thought they missed a big opportunity by not doing something like this with the Black Panther figure. At that point, there had been no people of color figures released in the line. Now we’ve had Sam as Captain America, but that’s it. The entire Toybox collection is lacking in people of color. Finn was another missed opportunity in the Star Wars line. I’m not as pissed about that because the sequel trilogy sucks.

Anyway, here’s a new figure in time for Christmas. No idea how fast this will go, but there are shipping shortages everywhere so…

Spider-Man Crime Lab Play Set

So we’ve got a new Spider-Man set. It looks more interesting than past ones, but I find it difficult to get excited about another one. At least we’ve now got a Peter Parker figure, not just another Spider-Man.

Sorry, I’ve got a horrible headache. Have fun.

New Toybox Figures and Sets!

First off, thanks to spitfire9467 for emailing me to let me know these were finally showing up on the Disney Store online.

Second, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’ve got a Captain Carter figure. You have no idea how excited I am for this one. I loved Agent Carter. A pic of her is my avatar in a lot of places. I loved the Agent Carter tv show and I’m pissed at how they retconned that with Endgame. Anyway! The figure looks like it’s going to stand up better than other female figures. It also looks to be one of the nicer MARVEL Toybox figures in that there’s some character in her face.

Captain Marvel comes paired with The Hydra Stomper. He lights up and the helmet flips up to show a bust of Steve Rogers. There aren’t any pics of that on the website except for the small pic of the bust on the box. Since he’s so big and it’s two figures this is one of the more expensive at $35. Still, CAPTAIN CARTER!!!!!!!!!!

I was aware that she was coming and it makes sense with the release of MARVEL’s What If? cartoon on Disney+. Their episode was really good btw. I was not expecting a new Mando and Baby Yoda (Grogu if you want to be technical). Their figure set did sell out pretty fast, but why the addition of the ship? Could we not have had an updated figure with Baby Yoda no longer in the bassinet? Oh well. It is nice to have an updated Baby Yoda. Mando looks to be the same. The ship lights up, shoots missiles, has a removable carbonite freezing chamber, and a secret compartment. I’ve never gotten one of the big toybox sets, but if it’s anything like the Playskool sets the removable parts will get lost if played with for more than five minutes. Their set is only $5 more than the Captain Carter one. I’m starting to think they might be price gouging on my love of her. Hmmmm…

New Toybox Figure – Marvel’s Venom

We finally get to see number twenty-eight! I had wondered if it was going to be a new Black Widow and had just been put off because of the movie, but apparently not. We’ve got another Venom figure. This one comes with slime and injectors. You can actually inject the slime into the figure and it will ooze out all gross like. The pictures on the store look cool, but I don’t know how reusable that slime would be. It seems like you’d get two good uses out and then if you’re able to gather it up a couple less than good uses. There’s no mention of a slime recipe or slime that could be used when this runs out.

I’m not a fan of Venom so this isn’t a figure I care too much about. It is at least a new take on the figures with the whole slime aspect.