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During my daily check of the Disney store, because yeah that’s what I do now, I noticed that they finally have links for some of the new releases! Currently, I’m on a buying freeze, for the foreseeable future, so no live shots anytime soon, but enjoy these pics and links and let me know if they’re as awesome as they look!










Maui is easily my favorite of this bunch. The detail on the tattoos looks so amazing! He is a couple dollars more than a regular figure, but that seems to be normal with the larger figures.

Moana is our newest Disney princess, I believe, so it makes sense that she’s the first princess figure we’re getting. I’m excited to see what comes next. I’ve heard that her hair can make it very difficult for her to stand up on her own and that you definitely need to position the oar in a certain way. Even with that she falls over easily.

Frozone is great to see, he’s my daughter’s favorite Incredibles character. His costume, though, is pretty basic so there isn’t much detail here. It’s just nice that they gave him an individual release.

Thanos is…Thanos. He’s a large purple dude and honestly looks a bit cheap in comparison to Maui. The detail on his armor just doesn’t seem to be there. Maybe he’s better irl?


Disney Toybox: Frozone and Hulkbuster Set

My trips to the Disney store are starting to become a weekly thing. Sadly, this time I was not able to pick up any figures. However, I did spot Frozone and Hulkbuster!

Frozone looks better than most of the other Incredibles. His face has got a fair amount of character. His uniform is fairly simplistic, already, and the light blue really adds to that. Just based on me pouring over it in the store it’s an excellent figure.

The Hulkbuster set is weighty, with both figures being fairly heavy. Hulkbuster lights up and makes noise and Hulk stands there looking pissed and green. The set was $40, so a bit pricey, but if you missed out on Hulk earlier this is probably the cheapest way to get him and you’ll have Tony Starks Hulkbuster.

Disney Toybox Wave 6 Speculation

So what is and isn’t Wave 6 I’m not 100% on because there doesn’t seem to be an official website and different websites say different things and the flyers included with the toys are often wrong.

I was able to find some images of the most recent flyer over on Toy News International forum posted by JayC



There are also images of sets that should already be out. I’ve seen images of the Toy Story set which makes me a bit sad that I bought Buzz already because buying a set would make so much more sense. The rumor is that Frozone and Bullseye both have their own codes so they should be released separate, but they aren’t shown on the lists or grayed out so we’ll have to wait and see. I hope we get them.

Also, wtf is that between Edna and Frozone?

The Star Wars sets look so cool (can you tell I’m a fan lol). Han Solo was going to be my next purchase and I’m glad that I waited. I do wonder how big the Falcon is and if it does anything besides look neat. We’re also shown a Tie Fighter and Pilot set that’s interesting. Other than that, though, there are no clues about what’s coming out for Star Wars next. Yoda is shown, but he should be in stores and be a part of Wave 5.

Based on these images Thanos should be out, though, I haven’t seen him anywhere. They’ve also listed him as #12 but Gray Hulk has been assigned that number. So are we getting Thanos? The speculation on the forum is that the grayed out figures are part of Thanos Black Order and I can certainly see that in the silhouettes, but come on, seriously? We’re getting bad guys before some more female characters? Ugh. Come on Disney.

There also seems to be some sets coming out from Marvel. Hulkbuster and Hulk, so if you’ve missed Hulk when he was originally released you’ve got a second chance to pick him up. Also, Spider-Man and his…Dune Buggy. *eye roll*

The grayed out images for the Disney line seem to be Minnie Mouse and Stich. Minnie makes sense since we’ve got Mickey, but I’m kind of hoping I’ve missed the guess with Stich because that doesn’t really make sense. Is there a new Lilo and Stich movie coming out? A TV show? Seems a bit random.

I’m sure it’s probably the same person or team working on all the lines, but the Star Wars and Pixar lines seem much more thought out than the Marvel and maybe now Disney. I hope I’m wrong, and just based on Google searches it’s entirely possible those silhouettes could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As of right now I don’t have a release date for any of the Wave 6 figures.


There is going to be a Live Action Lilo and Stich movie so maybe that explains the new Toybox figure? Still seems a bit early, but at least it’s not so completely out of left field.

*2nd UPDATE*

It seems like the Minnie Mouse and Stich images were incorrect because we’ve now got Maui and Moana figures in those spots. So basically, the flyers are nice speculation but take them with a healthy dose of salt.

Disney Toybox Wave 5 Thoughts

I’m playing catchup when it comes to Disney Toybox figures. My obsession started after they were already several waves in so I’m having to piece things together. From what I can tell these are the Wave 5 figures:








Gray Hulk

Gray Hulk.jpeg

Han Solo

Han Solo.jpg



Yoda (No pic as of yet)

All but Yoda are showing up on the Disney Store website at the time I’m writing this, but from just my new experience that doesn’t seem odd. Their online store appears to get things later than their actual physical stores. These are currently exclusive to the Disney Store so that’s important to know. You can buy them through Amazon, because Disney has a version of their store available there, but once they’re sold out you have to go through a third party.

Anyway, this most recent wave has some interesting additions. Han and Chewie look amazing, which continues the theme of great Star Wars figures for this line. Their expressions and accessories are perfect and once again they’re from the original trilogy. They are an obvious addition to the line and I can’t wait to add them to my collection.

Ralph and Vanellope are another obvious choice for the Disney line. Wreck it Ralph 2 comes out in theaters soon so it’s understandable why these were released now. Ralph is massive and is $2 more expensive than a regular figure. His body and clothes look great, but, like the Jessie toy, I’m a bit disappointed in the face. It’s rather generic, though, it’s not as derpy as the Incredibles family. Vanellope doesn’t have that problem, she’s smirking and looking amused at something. Lots of personality there, her accessories are also adorable.

Baymax, like Ralph, costs $2 more than a usual figure because of his massive size. Dressed in his bright red armor he looks like he’d be a lot of fun to play with. He has removable wings and several moveable joints. Released along side him is Hiro who comes with a changeable hair or helmet option. He’s got a smirk on his face and is definitely rocking some personality. I assume these two were released because of the series.

The odd ball in this entire batch, for me, is Gray Hulk. I’m not sure why they would release him. He hasn’t been in any of the movies and they have certainly not used up all the characters from the franchise yet. His expression is different from the Green Hulk that was released earlier, but he is still, ultimately, a Hulk, just a different color.

Disney Toybox Figures: Marvel Line

There are a few here that I’m excited about, but more than anything I’m hoping for a Captain Marvel figure. I assume it will come out closer to the movie, though.

A lot of the figures in this line are wearing masks, so we’re missing out on my favorite part of them, the expressions. However, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Ant-Man, and Wasp are both fun looking. Doctor Strange has an awesome face and the other three just look like great toys.

As of posting this there are a few figures in this line that are no longer available on the Disney Store. Thor, Green Hulk, and Spider-Man. So if you want a complete collection you’ll want to snap those up quick if you find them. I’ve added some links to Amazon where they’re still showing up, though, definitely pay attention to price.

1. Thor


2. Hulk


3. Spider-Man


4. Iron Man


5. Black Panther


6. Black Widow


7. Captain America


8. Starlord


9. Doctor Strange


10. Ant-Man


11. Wasp


12. Gray Hulk


13. Thanos

Spider-Man with Spider-Mobile Playset

Spider-Man with Spider-Mobile

Hulkbuster Deluxe Action Figure Set

Hulkbuster Set

Thoughts and Speculation

Right now the list is incredibly sparse when it comes to female characters. Where’s Gamora? Where’s Okoye and Shuri? There are already so few female characters in Marvel and this list really highlights it. Black Widow and Wasp. No Scarlett Witch. No Valkyrie. As a female fan it’s incredibly depressing.

Surely, we’ll get them at some point. Surely. For now, we wait. And as much as I think Doctor Strange looks amazing and I hope they do a short haired, one eyed Thor, I don’t feel a rush to buy this line. Wasp definitely, but that’s about it.

It also seems a bit random with the characters. I assume they were going with the first movie for each, except with Ant-Man and Black Widow. I understand Ant-Man since his movie just came out, but why with Black Widow? Why Gray Hulk too? Thor also looks really bad. Maybe he looks better in person, I haven’t been able to find him, so I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt there. Still, this line looks like less thought was put in and it was more of a money grab, which is disappointing.

The most recent rumors I’ve seen have shown a Hulk Buster set with green Hulk, and Spider-Man with a Dune Buggy. I don’t seem to remember Spider-Man having a Dune Buggy, but whatever.

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