Disney Toybox: Darth Vader

I briefly toyed with the idea of making my own unboxing video with this figure because it’s the first one I’ve bought since I started posting things. After thinking about it I was on the verge of actually filming my first public youtube video when I decided to do a quick search.

There is no way I could beat the video posted by Jay C from ToyNewsi.com

Maybe if I could come up with some kind of quirky personality that filmed well, or just wore a low cut shirt, but all of that sounds like too much work. So instead, enjoy the above video posted by Jay C.

Also, since for some reason I can’t just let myself post a link to someone else’s awesome video, I’m going to include some pics of my own figures below.

If after seeing my AMAZING pictures you feel the need to rush out and buy them you can click on the below links to Amazon. Keep in mind the price does fluctuate so pay attention.


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