Murphy Brown (1988-?)


Murphy Brown (1988-?)




Diane English


Candice Bergen

Faith Ford

Joe Regalbuto

Grant Shaud

Jake McDorman

Tyne Daly

Adan Rocha

Nik Dodani


The personal and professional misadventures of a woman working as a TV journalist.


You have no idea how fucking excited I was for this show reboot. I freaking hate most reboots and renewals of old shows, but this is mother fucking Murphy Brown. I watched this when I was a very little girl. I loved Murphy Brown. LOVED HER.

I hooked an antenna up to my TV, set an alarm, and watched fucking commercials so that I could watch this “pilot” live and do you want to know what? It was fucking fantastic.

Murphy was everything that my little girl brain remembered her being. She was passionate, and smart, and liberal, but she was not a fucking hate monger. She let facts back her opinion and sure that sometimes pushes her too far, but it’s a TV show.

Candice Bergen, Murphy, has been missed from my TV, and I hope I get to watch many more seasons to come.

Jake McDorman was cast as her son Avery. I loved him in Limitless so I was very happy to see him on a show I love so much. The chemistry between the two of them was spot on. He was a great son and seeing Murphy be proud of him but still competitive with him was amusing. I really liked that they have him working at a conservative network as the lone liberal. He’s passionate, just like his mother, but he’s also young so a bit more idealistic than she is. It was perfect.

Politics is so charged right now. If you are liberal you hate conservatives. If you’re conservative you hate liberals. It’s ruining the future of our country. However, I thought that this episode did a great job not lobbing insults at the other side. Part of that was Avery’s doing and his willingness to work for the “other side.” Yes, it’s a more liberal show, but I don’t think it’s adding to the hate and fear that’s currently out there. I think, I hope, that it’s trying to be better than that.

*sigh* It’s a difficult world we live in right now and I don’t envy the writers of the show, but I can’t wait to see what they have to show us and dear god please let this show not get canceled.




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