Christmas with a View (2018)

Christmas with a View

Christmas with a View (2018)


Justin G. Dyck


Kaitlyn Leeb

Scott Cavalheiro


Secret aspirations between a failed restaurateur and a celebrity chef threaten their blossoming Christmas romance.


Christmas with a View was like watching a softcore porno, only there was no sex. The actors had very little chemistry and the only reason I knew the female lead was interested in the male lead was because they told me. They tried to show her giving him longing glances, but it did not come off that way. I honestly felt blindsided when they started kissing because I didn’t think either of them really felt in to each other.

Also, two of the three young men in the movie showed off their abs. While I appreciate that, it does play into my softcore porn angle. Plus, it was just really weird and random.

Christmas with a View is about a woman who had a failed restaurant in Chicago and is licking her wounds at home by managing a successful restaurant with poise and competence. In comes a bad boy chef, who isn’t actually a bad boy in any way, searching for a place where his parents had a good Christmas, before he was born.

They date, the woman reacts weirdly to a revelation by the chef, they makeup, and it ends happily.

Even with my addition of an extra star for Christmas movies this one was bad. It hit tropes, but not in a satisfying way.



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