Friday Fiction

I have some flash fiction and fan fiction collecting dust on my computer. Not much, and I realize this is a review site, but the few that I actually like I’m going to post here. Just so everything is all in one space.

Today’s post was written late one night with the urging and advice of a few friends. It is not my usual fair, but I find it incredibly amusing. I hope you do as well!

Flash Symbol

The Flash in the Pan

The Flash was running, because that’s what he did. He ran. Fast. All over the place. He was good at it, he liked it, running was his jam. That and solving crime in Central City. Solving crime and running, what more could a superhero ask for?

Sex. He wanted sex. Lots of sex. All the sex. Sex that lasted. Sex with women. Sex with men. He wasn’t picky, he just wanted it all, and right now.

Running into Star Labs, papers that were somehow still plastered to the walls flew off. How there was still paper anywhere in the place not weighted down by paper weights he didn’t know and didn’t care cause he wasn’t cleaning it up.

“Barry, where the fuck have you been?” Cisco was unusually angry. Normally he was so chill, but his hair was wild and his eyes were thirsty.

Pushing his cowl back Barry decided why not, Iris wasn’t talking to him for some reason. Felicity was busy hacking something with a computer. Caitlin was a bit too cold for his tastes currently, though, he was pretty sure he could warm her up. Cisco wasn’t looking half bad and he was horny.

“I’ve been running Cisco where have you been?” He took a step toward him letting the hunger show in his eyes.

Cisco’s mouth went dry and he swallowed as fantasies he’d never allowed himself to dream began flitting through his mind.

“Barry, what are you doing?”

“Cisco, why are you asking so many questions?”

“Um, this is, I mean there’s a…” he trailed off as Barry moved closer unzipping his suit as he approached, exposing his hairless chest and glistening abs and stopping just short of the money shot.

“I’ll tell you what there is Cisco, there’s you and me, there’s that giant frying pan in the corner, and there’s fucking. How about it?”

Cisco’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head at the mere prospect of that kind of pleasure. Iris wasn’t exactly quiet when she and Barry went at it, and everyone, by this point, knew that he was a god damn Adonis in bed, if her ear drum shattering screams were any indication.

Shaking, his body already begging for what was about to happen, Cisco said, “Yes Barry, I’ve waited so long for this, yes a million times.”

Permission received Barry ran the few feet to Cisco, picked him up, and ran to the pan. Then they fucked like the world was ending and they didn’t care.


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