Coffee Shop (2014)

Coffee Shop (2014)


Dave Alan Johnson


Laura Vandervoort

Cory M. Grant

Josh Ventura

Rachel Hendrix


When a young coffee shop owner is threatened with repossession she must take a chance with life and love as she fights to save her business.


A gorgeous woman fulfills her dream of owning a coffee shop and proceeds to run it into the grown hiring two fulltime workers, giving away free coffee, and being rude to customers. Knowing that the end of her dream is near she falls into a horrible depression that makes her face and voice devoid of any emotion. Her eyes are dead inside as everything unravels underneath her.

If her business woes weren’t enough she’s found it difficult to get past her longtime boyfriend leaving her for his career. When he turns up again her sister is ecstatic, finally Coffee Shop girl won’t be trying to figure out how to date losers. Sister proceeds to do everything she can to force them together while keeping another potential suitor away.

Before the ex-boyfriend shows up a sexy playwright comes to town, she’s rude to him, constantly going off and making assumptions, being an artist he loves it. He watches her crazy life unfold and falls for the depressed confused young woman.

More misunderstandings happen, more storming off without the full story, and more voice over singing occurs before our Coffee Shop girl decides that she loves the playwright that wrote about her life behind her back but gave them a happy ending in his story so it’s all right.

I like romance, but this was just too unbelievable for me.




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