Second Act (2018)

Second Act

Second Act (2018)


Peter Segal


Jennifer Lopez

Vanessa Hudgens

Leah Remini


A big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do.


Second Act reminded me of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead in that we had someone conning their way into a job they weren’t qualified for, but actually it turned out that they were. There were fewer moments of Lopez’s character floundering, which felt a bit unrealistic. The fact that the only person that suspected she was inexperienced and lying was her enemy was a bit contrived. I did like the fact that she made a very public reveal because it meant that she kept all the power and not her enemy.

There was some Working Girl vibes as well here, but Working Girl did it much better. The addition of Hudgens character being her daughter that she had to give up was too much for me. It made everything too pat and I could have done without it.

All in all Second Act was an entertaining movie with an overall premise I enjoyed that just needed a little editing.



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