Library Haul – 10-23-20

Omg I’m so far behind. I’m never going to catch up 😩

Two of those books are clearly parenting books and I normally don’t review nonfiction so don’t expect to see anything about them in the future. The other two are, surprisingly, not romance. I’ve got a YA fantasy and a Sci-fi novel. So that should be fun.

Currently I’m reading A Duke, The Lady, and A Baby by Vanessa Riley. I love the title, but I’m not really enjoying the book. It took me till the two thirds mark to figure out why and at this point I’m too far through to just quit.

I’ve still got three other library books from previous trips as well to read. Did I mention how behind I am? I’m just going to keep on powering through and hopefully end up reading more books I like than ones I don’t.


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