Christmas Movies I’ve Watched This Week – 12/06/2020

A Princess for Christmas – I’ve watched this before and it’s as cute as A Christmas Prince. It’s probably better actually. It’s older by a few years and a nice sweet Christmas romance.

White Christmas – A classic with great music, you can’t go wrong here.

Holidate – I thought this one was funny. The couple had great chemistry and the side characters were good too. It wasn’t just a Christmas movie, though, so keep that in mind if you care.

Christmas Crush – This one was kind of weird. She made a wish for her neighbor to fall in love with her and it backfired. There was Christmas magic involved, but it was kind of eh. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t a favorite and I won’t watch it again. Also, there’s no way a woman that loved Christmas baking as much as she did would use plastic bowls.

Christmas Catch – The dude was cute in this one, which was nice. The woman had intentional awkward moments. It was fine. I called the twist really early.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – I liked the first movie a lot and this one was almost as good. Kurt Russell is the hottest Santa ever. No contest. Dude has got amazing hair.

Christmas with a Prince – I bailed on this one. The dude is so much older than the female lead, but he’s supposed to only be a couple years older. Seeing a close to fifty year old play a late twenties person was too difficult for me. Plus, there are kids with cancer. I tend to avoid the Christmas movies that are supposed to make you cry.

A Christmas Movie Christmas – I freaking LOVED the concept for this movie. Sadly, they didn’t quiet pull it off. One sister’s love interest acted way too childlike. It was disturbing. I might end up rewatching it next year cause I really liked the concept.

Die Hard-  Is it truly Christmas if you haven’t watched Die Hard?


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