Days of Thunder (1990)

The Great Movie Re-Watch

Days of Thunder (1990)


Tony Scott


Robert Towne

Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise

Robert Duvall

Nicole Kidman

Randy Quaid

Michael Rooker

Cary Elwes


A young hot-shot stock car driver gets his chance to compete at the top level.


I am not a NASCAR fan. I always hated Sundays when my dad would watch it because it was so boring. I didn’t like football either, but something about cars driving around in circles was so much worse. I hated it. When I met my now husband, he was a big NASCAR fan. He loved to talk about it, and initially, because I wanted in his pants, I listened. Eventually, I listened because I loved him, and seeing him so excited about something was fun. I unwillingly learned more than I ever wanted to know about the sport. I now know it’s more than just driving in circles, along with a myriad of other facts. (In case anyone was wondering, he pays attention when I talk about topics I love and probably knows more than he’d ever want to know about romance books)

I never grew to like NASCAR, and in case it wasn’t clear, Days of Thunder is not my movie. In fact, I could have easily skipped it and felt no remorse over it, but my husband wanted to watch it, so I didn’t.

Alright, so Tom Cruise is a racer that can drive anything better than anyone ever, except he knows nothing about cars. Robert Duvall is old, even then, and he knows everything there is about making cars. Together, if they can get past their differences, they’ll be unstoppable. Enter Nicole Kidman, a super professional doctor, but after Tom Cruise puts her hand on his junk, she can’t seem to control herself. They hang out, and then seconds after she’s cleared him to drive again, they make out and become a thing. Also, Michael Rooker is the best driver until Tom Cruise comes along, and they have multiple dick-measuring contests. Oh, and Cary Elwes totally wants to fuck Tom Cruise.

That is Days of Thunder.


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