A.J. Buckley

Christmas Mail (2010)

Christmas Mail

Christmas Mail (2010)


John Murlowski


Ashley Scott

A.J. Buckley

Lochlyn Munro


In this holiday romantic comedy, a mysterious woman who works at the post office answering Santa’s mail captures the heart of a disillusioned postal carrier


This wasn’t bad, the actors were all fine, but the story was kind of lacking. I think it needed more holiday magic and less drama. The dude was a single parent raising his niece, he had a job he didn’t like, and his boss wanted him to spy on the chick, oh and he wanted to return to his rock band.

The girl was maybe the daughter of Santa, not sure if that was ever confirmed I zoned out a few times. I think she should have channeled more Catherine Bell in her witch movies.

This was better than the last few Christmas movies I’ve watched, but nothing amazing.