Library Haul 02-14-21

In this picture you can see the stack of new books I picked up beside the stack of books I’ve yet to read. The reading frenzy from 2020 has not carried into 2021. Instead I’ve been working on editing a couple of books I’ve written. As well as playing a lot of Stardew Valley, and of course there’s the great movie re-watch going on. I’m afraid books have fallen to the wayside.

I really, really want to read most of these a lot. I’m hoping that I can get my butt in gear and knock some of these out fast. Fingers crossed 🤞

I’ve started Fireborn by Keri Arthur. I’m hoping to find something similar to an Ilona Andrews book, but so far I’m not feeling it. I’ve read Arthur in the past and enjoyed her so I should at least enjoy the story, even of it’s not what I was hoping for.

Currently Reading 12-12-20

I finished reading The Midnight Bargain by C.J. Polk. My review is posting tomorrow. I stayed up late and then woke up earlier than usual to finish it. I liked it.

Next up is Love is a Rogue by Lenora Bell. I’ve not read anything by her and the blurb isn’t really doing it for me. I feel kind of bad for the book because it’s following one I enjoyed so much. Someone had to.

Library Haul 11-25-20

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I went to the library today. They’ve changed how things are done so I no longer have a set library day.

I finished reading Crazy Stupid Bromance and posted my review earlier. Out of the three books I checked out I’m most excited about Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey. I liked the previous two books in the series so I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Surprising no one, I went on a library hold spree last night and requested about twenty books. I tried to be picky with what I picked in the hopes that I don’t slow down when they all inevitably come in at the same time. Hopefully, that works.

I’m about sixty plus books behind on books that came out this year that I’d like to read. Which means my best of 2020 book list is not going to come out on time. Which is fine. No movies came out this year and I’ve basically only played one game this year so those lists will be easy.

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🥧

10-11-20 Library Haul Update

The top book, Kiss My Cupcake by Helen Hunting is the the only book I picked up from the library. I thought I’d include everything I still have to read, though. Not pictured, Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall since that’s what I’m currently reading.

After this haul I’m hoping to try some more non-romance, or romance lite. I need a change of pace, I’m thinking Urban Fantasy. I’d love to read something similar to Ilona Andrews books. So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

Library Stack Update

Out of ten library books, I’ve read three, and I’ve only got one to pick up tomorrow. 🙃 Frankly, that’s better than I expected. Gone are my days of one book a day. Maybe they’ll be back when my kids are older. Time will tell.

My review for Loathe at First Site will post tomorrow. As you can see I’m reading Boyfriend Material and I’m totally not playing Animal Crossing 😉