Sarayu Blue

I Feel Bad (2018-?)

I Feel Bad

I Feel Bad (2018-?)




Aseem Batra


Sarayu Blue

Paul Adelstein

Madhur Jaffrey


Emet, the perfect mom, boss, wife, friend and daughter, is learning to be okay with being imperfect.


I love network comedies because they are usually pleasant background noise. I can tune in and out and be entertained. ‘I Feel Bad’ works perfect for that, and I found myself tuning in way more frequently that I normally would.

I enjoyed that this is about a working mom that’s in a good marriage has a close relationship to her parents and is also a person of color.

I do foresee some issues with her job. She is an artist for a video game company, if it’s depicted realistically it could end up being too real. Of course, if it doesn’t at least mention the issues facing that industry right now I’d be even more disappointed. We’ll see what happens.

The supporting cast were entertaining and I enjoyed the two episodes I’ve watched. We’ll see if it ends up being more like Blackish or if it fizzles and burns.