Lucy (2014)


Lucy (2014)


Luc Besson


Scarlett Johansson

Morgan Freeman

Min-Sik Choi


A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.


I know that the science in this movie is not real, I’m willing to give that a pass, though, I’m not willing to give other things.

It’s like someone said what do boys on the internet like? Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman and sci-fi shit. Ok, let’s make a movie. The entire thing was about what happens next, and Lucy’s decisions didn’t make sense, based on her past. Well, either that, or when you access more of your brain you don’t give a shit about anything but yourself and making sure you don’t die and are able to pass on your knowledge.

That is kind of the premise of the movie, I guess, which if that’s what he was trying to say than bravo to him, he got that across. What a sucky premise.

The story aside, I didn’t like all the shots of animals mixed in with the rest of the movie. It wasn’t necessary and just seemed to pad the running time. Also, when she accesses 100% of her brain and sees the universe, I wasn’t impressed with the imagery. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Jupiter Ascending recently and it was visually stunning, but this came off as something from a science documentary. Again, that could have been what he was going for, but since evidently, there are streams of data coming from everything that fill the world, I thought he’d try to be more impressive.

Clearly I did not like the movie. The first preview I saw made me think that she was going to be some kind of action hero, and I would love to see a kick-ass female action hero. This is not what I got at all.




  1. Hehe, totally agree. Also, the “humans only use 10% of our brains” thing is nonsense. All parts of the brain are in use, some more so than other depending on the activity. The part of the brain used for sight, for example, is useless for hearing–that’s not its job. There are parts of the brain used to keep all the neurons from jangling around — this is the fatty portion of the brain, holding it all together.


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