Mr. Mom (1983)

Mr Mom

Mr. Mom (1983)


Stan Dragoti


Michael Keaton

Teri Garr

Fred Koehler


After he’s laid off, a husband switches roles with his wife. She returns to the workforce and he becomes a stay-at-home dad – a job he has no clue how to do.


I’ve never seen this movie previously, but the concept seemed fun. Since it’s from the eighties I had no idea what to expect.

I could really relate to Michael Keaton’s character. I’ve been there, it’s not an easy transition from full-time employed business professional to house parent. You go from being able to at least see a paycheck for your work if not a sign of progress, to being home alone with a child that is completely dependent upon you for everything. The days run into each other and you start to feel helpless. It’s difficult.

Anyway, back to the movie. It was very dated, but still funny. Loved the progression of his beard and his defense of it. Thought his soap habit was funny and not for the first time wished I could get into a show like that.

I didn’t really get the ending, though. There was a lot of confusion with a ton of people being there. It seemed like he was going back to work for the same people that furloughed him and that his wife was quitting her new career. Things were basically going back the way they were. I wished there was a different resolution, though I’m not entirely sure what.

The wife could have sued for sexual harassment and they never would have to work again.




  1. It is dated. I remember this being a favorite back in the day, but it’s actually neat to see how things have changed. It makes me happy to see there has been progress because this was pretty progressive at the time.


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