Fashionably Dead in Diapers (Hot Damned #4) By: Robyn Peterman

Fashionably Dead in Diapers

Fashionably Dead in Diapers (Hot Damned #4) By: Robyn Peterman


And I thought being half Vampyre/half Demon was hard…That’s nothing compared to being a mother. Sweet baby Moses in a boob tube, there aren’t any books on raising True Immortals so let me give you a few tips… ~Make a map of every closet and bathroom in your home if you enjoy having sex. Sleep deprivation can cause confusion and a map will help if you only have seven minutes and thirty-one seconds. You’re welcome. ~Parenting books are useless if you’re not human. If your child is half Vampyre/ half Demon I would suggest not using parenting books at all–they can backfire like a mother humper. Trust me on this. ~Have sex. ~When your child tells you he has an imaginary friend, do not discount this as fantasy. Often times your child isn’t imagining anything. If he persists with alarming and violent stories about this fictional buddy it’s probably a Troll. Do a thorough search of your home and kill it. Decapitation works best. Some imaginary friends are harmless. However, it’s wise not to take chances. ~Have sex again. ~When in large crowds, make sure you hold tight to your child’s hand. Losing a child in an amusement park is terrifying. If you’re truly paranoid a parent could consider putting a chip in their child. If you do this don’t discuss it at dinner parties. People will think you are weird. ~At least cuddle. ~Playing with dolls is fun. Being one? No so much. If your child ever finds a Genie in a bottle, flush it immediately. Many children wish for things that are very difficult to reverse…like being doll sized. If this happens, move to Oz. There are many people of small stature there. And yes, it really does exist. ~Find a closet and go to town.


This was the book I was looking forward to. I almost never read books about babies and ever since I had one I’ve wanted too. I have to make sure the fiction out there is as accurate about them as possible or the fiction out there blows it completely out of proportion and makes my situation seem so much better. Thankfully this book did the later.

I do not want a three quarter vampyre one quarter demon baby. He seemed super adorable and was surprisingly obedient but I would hate to be around when he’s going through his terrible twos and refuses to listen to anything his parents tell him. Maybe they’ll luck out and since he’s a True Immortal he’ll be better behaved, we’ll see. Maybe. I hope so. I look forward to more Sammy.

I wasn’t worried about Sammy’s life because of his True Immortal status, but I was worried about his psychological well being so kudos to Peterman for that. I was just as angry and worried as Astrid when he was kidnapped and I was happy with the revenge she enacted.

Also, holy cow she and Ethan were freakin horny throughout the entire book.



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