Polar Bared (Kodiak Point #3) By: Eve Langalis

polar bared

Polar Bared (Kodiak Point #3) By: Eve Langalis


When Vicky accidentally slides into the side of a polar bear, she doesn’t expect to fall in love. Eaten yes, perhaps used as a chew toy, but become the object of a bear’s affection and lust? Crazy! Almost as crazy as the fact the polar bear turns out to be a man. A sexy man. A man who growls, and roars and does everything he can to chase her away. Only to come back. Gene only has one thing on his mind, vengeance, until Vicky crashes into his life. Poor Gene. After the pain and betrayal he suffered in the war all he wants is revenge against the brothers who left him behind. But he’s confused when instead of wanting to punish him for his evil acts, they offer him forgiveness. Who does that?! As if that weren’t annoying enough, the cutest geek he ever met–with caramel kissed skin and wearing the sexiest dark rimmed glasses–won’t leave him alone. Or more like, he can’t seem to stop following her. And it isn’t just because someone is out to hurt her. He wants her. But does he want her more than vengeance? Welcome to Kodiak Point where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.


I loved Gene and Vicky. Poor scared Gene that went through so much, thankfully he never killed anyone during his quest for vengeance. I’m glad he turned back to the good side.

Vicky wasn’t the normal strong assertive heroine that I like, she was abused by her father and her husband and fainted any time she was stressed. I couldn’t help but like her though. She was trying so hard to create herself and stop being a victim and Boris helped her. He didn’t swaddle her up and protect her from the world he was abrasive and rude and she knew that he would never hurt her. I loved them as a couple.



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