Parallels (2015)


Parallels (2015)


Christopher Leone


Mark Hapka

Jessica Rothe

Eric Jungmann

Constance Wu


A mysterious building is the gateway to infinite parallel Earths.


Wow, I really hope that more comes from this because it totally deserves it.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the movie, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it. It watches like an extended pilot for a TV show. There’s the introduction to characters, the introduction to the world, and the set up for the big bad. There isn’t a resolution.

It’s really interesting and if you liked Sliders you’ll probably love this, but just keep in mind it’s not a complete story. I’m finding it difficult reviewing because of that fact, the characters didn’t feel fully developed but can I really judge them? A quick internet search lets me know that there’s a possibility for more, but as of right now there doesn’t appear to be any dates or if it’s a TV show or another movie.

I guess watch it, love it, and demand more is the best course of action.





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