Get Hard (2015)


Get Hard (2015)


Etan Cohen


Will Ferrell

Kevin Hart

Alison Brie


When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.


Was not expecting to laugh as much as I did for this movie. I mean, I went in hoping to laugh, but anticipating a mediocre comedy. When in fact it was slightly more than that.

I appreciated the fact that there was not an over abundance of short jokes like there normally are with Kevin Hart movies. There didn’t need to be because of how well the movie was shot. All they had to do was show Ferrell and Hart standing beside each other.

Ferrell’s character was the best part of the movie, though possibly the weakest too. He was supposed to be so smart and make so much money on the stock market but he was too trusting. Not really a trait people in his position tend to have, but oh well. His interactions with Hart and the gang bangers were hilarious, though.

Hart was fine, though a little flat character wise, it’s not a huge deal in a comedy movie. However, that’s actually something that’s starting to bug me. Certain comedies I don’t expect too much realistic behavior, for example Stepbrothers, but others I feel like the story should still be plausible. Maybe I’m starting to expect too much?

Oh well, it was a funny movie and if you’ve got nothing better to watch why not?



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