Geekomancy (Ree Reyes #1) By: Michael R. Underwood


Geekomancy (Ree Reyes #1) By: Michael R. Underwood


Ree Reyes’s life was easier when all she had to worry about was scraping together tips from her gig as a barista and comicshop slave to pursue her ambitions as a screenwriter.

When a scruffy-looking guy storms into the shop looking for a comic like his life depends on it, Ree writes it off as just another day in the land of the geeks. Until a gigantic BOOM echoes from the alley a minute later, and Ree follows the rabbit hole down into her town’s magical flip-side. Here, astral cowboy hackers fight trolls, rubber-suited werewolves, and elegant Gothic Lolita witches while wielding nostalgia-powered props.

Ree joins Eastwood (aka Scruffy Guy), investigating a mysterious string of teen suicides as she tries to recover from her own drag-your-heart-through-jagged-glass breakup. But as she digs deeper, Ree discovers Eastwood may not be the knight-in-cardboard armor she thought. Will Ree be able to stop the suicides, save Eastwood from himself, and somehow keep her job?


I could not finish this book, I got over 60% of the way through before I bailed, so I’m not going to give it a star rating.

The sample for this was great but I’m really glad that I bought it on sale. I like pop culture references in books (see the Twenty-Sided Sorceress series and Ready Player One) but this book just went too heavy handed. I got lost in them and had to wade my way through the book and ended up missing information because my eyes would just glaze over and then I would get lost. It was too much.

Halfway through I stopped and went to Goodreads to check out some reviews. I couldn’t understand why I was having such a hard time, but apparently I wasn’t the only one.

I couldn’t connect with Ree as a character and didn’t understand why one minute she was all about stopping the suicides from happening and then the next minute she was at a burlesque show getting drunk. It didn’t make sense.

Did not like.



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