In a World (2013)

In a World


In a World (2013)


Lake Bell


Lake Bell

Fred Melamed

Michaela Watkins


An underachieving voice coach finds herself competing in the movie trailer voice-over profession against her arrogant father and his protégé.


This movie had been on my to watch list for a while but for whatever reason I just never felt in the mood. To be honest I only selected it this time because I wanted something short and this was just over ninety minutes.

The amount of times I wanted to slap the father in this movie quickly escalated to just wanting to punch him until he was a bloody pulp. Argh!

The supporting characters were all pretty good, though, I was screaming at the sister. She at least didn’t totally fuck up and was a good sister.

Carol, Lake Bell, was a likeable character and even though she initially came off as a slacker she proved me wrong. I liked her, she was quirky had a dream and kept getting punched emotionally.




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