Hot Pursuit (2015)

Hot Pursuit (2015)


Anne Fletcher


Reese Witherspoon

Sofía Vergara


An uptight and by-the-book cop tries to protect the outgoing widow of a drug boss as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.


I’m not sure why, maybe it was the trailer, but I was expecting this to be a lot funnier than it was. I ended up really disappointed and a little angry by the time this was over.

Witherspoon’s character grew up wanting only to be a cop and ended up choking and became a joke in the force. She is give the opportunity to redeem herself by escorting Vergara’s character to Dallas because apparently they were in Texas, though Witherspoon is one of the only characters with a southern accent and it’s not even the right one.


Vergara is more than just a pair of boobs, though she has no problem using them to get what she wants. Witherspoon of course misjudges her because of that and they argue about it on multiple occasions.

This reminds me of the Identity Thief movie in that these two opposite characters were supposed to learn from the other. Sadly, they didn’t learn to be better people. Evidently when Witherspoon relaxes she steals. I’m not sure what Vergara learned, let the police kill the bad guys?




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