Back to Christmas (2014)

Back to Christmas (2014)


Tim O’Donnell


Kelly Overton

Michael Muhney

Gloria Loring


A woman travels back one year in time to the Christmas before her broken engagement and tries to repair what went wrong. She discovers that this is a challenging undertaking.


Alright, we’ve got a Christmas do over! Ali, Kelly Overton, thinks her entire life would be better if she hadn’t “over reacted” and dumped her boyfriend. Once she goes back we quickly realize he’s a tool and deserved so much more, but of course it takes her a while to catch on.

Her mother was borderline just no and there could probably be a whole movie or thirty minute side story about how she needs to finally live the life she wants.

The “angel” or whatever she was looked like a hooker when we first met her, which was kind of awesome. She was one of the best parts of the movie actually and I enjoyed each of her visits, even though she was a bit weird at first.

Ali ends up with the right guy, of course, but I thought the movie focused too much on the other dude and you didn’t really feel like the romance was there. There wasn’t much chemistry with the actress with either of the guys, actually.

Overall, cute movie.

4/5 (Christmas movies will now be getting an extra star unless otherwise mentioned, just because I feel like it)


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