Marry Me For Christmas (2013)

Marry Me For Christmas (2013)


Roger Melvin


Victoria Rowell

Malinda Williams

Karon Riley


To appease her family during the holidays, a single woman pretends to be engaged to her employee.


I like that this movie has sequels, more of these types should. It’s very family focused and a bit light on the romance. The tried and true trope of pretend engagement, is always a favorite though this one didn’t play out very realistically. There was not much affection between the two, though, they tried to imply that it was supposed to develop because the guy was trying to take her business. What’s awesome, though, is that they embraced that and the family realized what was going on.

Painfully sung Christmas carols, check. Oh my goodness, I had to mute it, it hurt so bad. It was intentional so don’t feel bad.

Overbearing family that means well and are all pretty nice, check.

Overheard conversations, check.

Multiple marriage proposals, check.



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