Logan Lucky (2017)

Logan Lucky (2017)


Steven Soderbergh


Channing Tatum

Adam Driver

Daniel Craig


Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.


I like a good heist movie and this was certainly a good heist, however it moved too slow for my liking. There was a ton of talking and just watching and set up, but it kept you in the dark about some things too.

There was hardly any action and several times I was triggered by parenting choices. I also wish they’d make a movie set in the South that wasn’t—ugh. Okay, I know that what they showed was completely accurate, the way the people were and the fair they showed, and I’ve heard people talk like Adam Driver did, but can we not see a movie where the South looks normal? It’s just a personal pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, even though I wasn’t a fan I did really enjoy the ending. It answered all the questions and gave you closure but was just ambiguous enough that I could think what I wanted to happen did and if someone else wanted something else they could do that too. I liked that.

My husband loved the movie, he named out all the NASCAR drivers that appeared and enjoyed the whole thing, it just wasn’t for me I guess.



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