Ghost Town Games




A cooking simulation game.


My husband and I played this together on our date nights. It was a test of our relationship and I’m proud to say we handily beat it. There were some tense moments, sliding around on the ice level sent me over the edge several times, but ultimately we prevailed and three starred every level.

We do have the DLC left to beat, but we’re planning on getting to that at Christmas break. For now, I would highly recommend this game for those looking for a timed cooking simulation to play with friends or solo.

Levels are difficult, but also fun. Worlds are short so it’s not going to be a massive time sink for anyone, even if you are three starring everything. The game mechanics are simple to understand and don’t take too long to master. It’s the puzzle of the levels themselves that will really test you.

Excellent fun, and I’m really looking forward to playing the sequel.



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