You Can’t Fight Christmas (2017)


You Can’t Fight Christmas (2017)


Kenny Young


Brely Evans

Andra Fuller


Leslie uses all her Christmas charms on Edmund to love Christmas. – and love her.


Leslie, Brely Evans, is a strong capable woman that knows exactly what she wants. She’s kind and dedicated to Christmas. Edmund, Andra Fuller, is a wealthy son, with an Ivy League degree, who thinks he knows what’s best for his family, but has forgotten that Christmas trumps everything. He is pursued by a woman that, on paper, is his perfect match, but he prefers his women sane and thick.

I didn’t really get the appeal of the other woman, she was more than a little controlling and I think she was his subordinate, technically, not sure. Leslie is the very clear winner in all ways. Edmund definitely fit the bill of sexy love interest, but he really lacked in emotion. I was pretty disappointed in the kiss at the end of the movie, because he kept his arms at his sides and just seemed like he wasn’t in the moment.

You Can’t Fight Christmas was a nice holiday movie, that very clearly had a smaller than usual budget.



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