Accounting+ (2017)

Accounting Plus

Accounting+ (2017)

Publisher: Crows Crows Crows

Platform: PS4


“The player is introduced in a small basement office by two accountants (William Pugh and Dominik Johann) through a phone call as a candidate for a new “virtual reality accounting” experiment, which supposedly increases efficiency in accounting…”


I had no idea what this was when I started. My husband told me that he wanted to watch me play because, at one point, I had wanted to be an accountant. I’m reasonably certain that this was not an accurate depiction of accounting, but who’s to say.

I played using PSVR, something I’ve used a few times but don’t use too often. The controls were pretty good, though I did have issues grabbing stuff sometimes. It autocorrected where my hands were pretty well, but it did have to do it often because it kept losing track. Not sure if that’s a me problem or a game problem.

I was able to beat it in one session, so it was pretty short; in my experience, most VR games are. Unfortunately, I found an Easter egg on my first try, and because I took the red pill, I skipped some parts of the game. No idea how much, though. Since the game is already mildly confusing, jumping back into the main game and having no idea what was going on wasn’t that different.

The puzzles were easy, and I thought the game was pretty funny. If you can play it and don’t have an issue with dark humor, I’d recommend it.



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