Library Haul 02-06-21

I got to go to the library today! It feels like forever, but maybe that’s because the last time was with my kids.

I had Ready Player 2 by Ernest Cline on hold and ready to pickup. While there I picked out two urban fantasies that are supposed to have strong female leads. I don’t have high hopes, mainly because I’m always looking for something like an Ilona Andrews book and so far the closest I’ve gotten is Patricia Briggs. Whom I like, but I haven’t been a fan of her last couple of books. So fingers crossed I love these.

I also found a Jasper Fforde book I’ve never read. So that’s awesome!

I finished the fiction books I had checked out so they’re all returned. Now I just need to read all the nonfiction. I’m working my way through Stuff You Should Know but I keep getting distracted by the paper the book is made out of. I can’t explain it but I freaking love the texture and I keep finding myself stroking it. I’m weird.


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