Stuff You Should Know

Library Haul 02-06-21

I got to go to the library today! It feels like forever, but maybe that’s because the last time was with my kids.

I had Ready Player 2 by Ernest Cline on hold and ready to pickup. While there I picked out two urban fantasies that are supposed to have strong female leads. I don’t have high hopes, mainly because I’m always looking for something like an Ilona Andrews book and so far the closest I’ve gotten is Patricia Briggs. Whom I like, but I haven’t been a fan of her last couple of books. So fingers crossed I love these.

I also found a Jasper Fforde book I’ve never read. So that’s awesome!

I finished the fiction books I had checked out so they’re all returned. Now I just need to read all the nonfiction. I’m working my way through Stuff You Should Know but I keep getting distracted by the paper the book is made out of. I can’t explain it but I freaking love the texture and I keep finding myself stroking it. I’m weird.

Currently Reading 02-01-21

I DNFd The Twelve Dates of Christmas, but I read almost half so I will be writing a blog post. Now I’m on to my last Christmas romance book.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur sounds like it’s going to be an opposites attract romance with some fake relationship stuff. It sounds promising.

I’ve also started reading Stuff You Should Know by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. I’m a fan of the podcast so when I saw this on the new nonfiction shelf at the library I picked it up. Already, I love the texture of the paper. (Yes I know I’m weird)