Disney Toybox Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch

So we’ve got a new Marvel Toybox figure set. The new Doctor Strange movie comes out in a little over a week so it’s not too surprising to see. However, I’m getting tired of these two packs. Almost $40 (more when taking into consideration tax and shipping since it’s from the online store) is just too much for me.

Anyway, the figures look exactly like the already released ones. It’s been a while since the Doctor Strange figure was released so it’s nice to see him out and about again. This will be the second pairing Scarlet Witch has had, the first was with Vision. She has never been available on her own.

Style-wise I think they did a good job with these figures. Strange is an older one so he was before they kind of moved away from what I liked about the figures, to begin with, but Scarlet Witch looks fine too. It appears as though they both now come with little accessories that they didn’t have before.

I’m excited to see the new movie and it’s always nice to see new figures pop up.


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