NEW Disney Toybox Figures

Woke up today to a few new sets showing up on the Disney store online.

First, we’ve got a re-release of Thor where his face has been changed slightly and his eyes make him look deranged. He was the first Marvel figure released and there hasn’t been a re-release of him, unlike all the others. So if you missed out on roided out Thor, here you are. Loki has been reskinned but other than that looks the same.

Now, this isn’t part of the main line, it’s considered an Action Figure Set. It’s also the only way to get Gamora if you’ve been wanting her. Rocket and Groot look the same as in their previous release. While Star Lord appears to be another reskin only. I like his new colors though.

Last we’ve got two new Troopers and a new droid. The Clone Trooper looks a lot like the already released Captain Rex, but at this point, the Troopers are all starting to run together. Did you know they were the only cool figure type thing in the Star Wars universe?

Droids wise, C-3P0 has a silver leg, but R5-D4 is the only new one in this set. Though, this has been the first time you could get D-0 without having to buy the full Millenium Falcon set with Rey. This set is a couple dollars cheaper than that was at launch.

I’ve been a bit down on the Toybox line recently. I’m unimpressed with the appearance of the newer figures and the price has skyrocketed. Still, I am glad to see new releases. I’ll keep holding out hope they return to the adorable looking Disney Infinity aesthetic, though.


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