Disney Toybox: Darth Vader

I briefly toyed with the idea of making my own unboxing video with this figure because it’s the first one I’ve bought since I started posting things. After thinking about it I was on the verge of actually filming my first public youtube video when I decided to do a quick search.

There is no way I could beat the video posted by Jay C from ToyNewsi.com

Maybe if I could come up with some kind of quirky personality that filmed well, or just wore a low cut shirt, but all of that sounds like too much work. So instead, enjoy the above video posted by Jay C.

Also, since for some reason I can’t just let myself post a link to someone else’s awesome video, I’m going to include some pics of my own figures below.

If after seeing my AMAZING pictures you feel the need to rush out and buy them you can click on the below links to Amazon. Keep in mind the price does fluctuate so pay attention.


Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)

Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)


S.S. Wilson


Fred Ward

Chris Gartin

Helen Shaver

Michael Gross


Battling a life depression, Earl Bassett is offered a job as a mercenary to help a Mexican oil company with a Graboid epidemic that’s killing more people each day. However, the humans aren’t the only ones with a new battle plan..


Fred Ward had it all. He should have been set for life after discovering the Graboids in the previous movie. Fame. Fortune. It was all his, but after a series of horrible investments he lost it all.

Back in Paradise, trying to make a living with an emu farm, alone and depressed, he’s propositioned by a Mexican Oil company that has developed a Graboid problem. Initially, he says no, but the draw of $50k per dead monster is enough to draw him back in.

Older and wiser and with the backing of the Mexican military he is properly armed this time. Those Graboids didn’t stand a chance. Still, their numbers start to overwhelm him and his new sidekick, Chris Gartin, so they call in the big guns of Michael Gross. A doomsday prepper and himself depressed after the excitement of the Graboid situation and destruction of his marriage, Gross hops at the chance.

Things are going easy, too easy, when they get thrown a curveball. The Graboids have evolved. Bursting from their hideous bodies are a new creature, easier to kill, but just as vicious and rapidly multiplying.

Death! Destruction! Mayhem!

With quick thinking and tons of explosives they manage to survive and the Graboids are once again destroyed and this time Fred Ward has more responsible aims for his money.


Acts of Vengeance (2017)

Acts of Vengeance (2017)


Isaac Florentine


Antonio Banderas

Christina Serafini

Karl Urban

Atanas Srebrev


A fast-talking lawyer transforms his body and takes a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his wife and daughter and has his revenge.


I watched this movie, then literally completely forgot I had. It’s been an effort to remember enough to write this review.

Antonio Banderas character is a hot shot lawyer that talks his clients problems away. He’s a criminal defense attorney, something that pays well if you’re good and is required, but also comes with the price of knowing that you’re potentially getting bad guys back on the street. As long as the money is coming in he doesn’t care, but when his wife and child are murdered things change.

Karl Urban was jacked in this movie and I kept hoping for more, sadly I did not like his character and felt like he was wasted.

The action was alright, but this was not an action movie despite what the trailer seems to say. Yet another misleading trailer.

The idea is unoriginal, the acting is fine, the payoff is eh. Would not recommend.


Friendly’s Celebration Ice Cream Cake ice cream

So this is a weird little letter I wrote to Friendly’s the other day after getting over a migraine. For whatever reason the entire time I was in pain I was thinking about this ice cream, so I decided to write them and get my feelings out there. It’s kind of embarrassing, so I figured why not share it on my blog lol

Here it is in all of its glory:

The first time I bought Friendly’s Celebration Ice Cream Cake I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I bought it because my husband likes to try limited flavors and loves ice cream cake. Little did I know that I would never be the same.

I had a bowl because I’m rarely picky when it comes to ice cream and it wound up being really good. My husband eats ice cream like it will go bad within hours of it being opened so all I had from that first carton was a normal sized bowl just slightly bigger than recommended serving size. Really, who actually eats the recommended size?

The next time I was at the grocery store I saw that Breyers had their own ice cream cake flavor so I bought it. My reasoning was that it wasn’t limited and surely it was as good as yours. It was not. Not even close. My husband was actually annoyed at me for getting the wrong kind.

The next trip to the grocery store there were only three cartons of Friendly’s Celebration Ice Cream Cake ice cream. Just three. It was a horrible reminder that this flavor was limited so I bought them all. I had my husband stop at another grocery store and get their stock, there were two. The next day I went to the only other grocery store within a reasonable distance of us selling Friendly’s and I bought out their supply too, all three cartons of it. Thank goodness we have a deep freezer.

Each time I went to the grocery story I would check their supply and buy whatever I could. One time they had seven cartons and I only bought three. I regret that now.

I realize how crazy this makes me sound. Honestly who drives to multiple different grocery stores for a flavor of ice cream? I’ve never done that in my life. The only person I revealed my secret to was my mother and she laughed. She also assumed that I would never run out. Maybe if I’d done the smart thing and rationed my supply, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. My normal, reasonable size bowls were not enough for this flavor. I had bowls that were glorious in size, bowls that even my husband looked at in surprise. I didn’t care. I gained four pounds just from this ice cream and I know the only reason it wasn’t more was because I was breastfeeding. What’s four pounds when you’re eating the ice cream of the gods?

My husband let me have the last bowl because he’s awesome like that. It was bittersweet. I knew it was going to be my last because we hadn’t seen any at any of the stores in a few weeks. I even drove out of my way to a Wal-Mart that your website said had it, they don’t sell your brand, you might want to fix that.

I’ve never loved a flavor of ice cream on this level before. You’d think after the many cartons I ate that I’d be tired of it, I’m pretty sure my husband was there at the end, but not me. He has since moved on, going back to old favorites. I have not. I can’t. Any time I’m in the ice cream aisle of a grocery store it’s because I’m hoping against hope that I will see Friendly’s Celebration Ice Cream Cake ice cream just sitting there waiting for me. It never is.

Feeling sorry for me my husband one day recently brought home cookie dough ice cream that I used to love, I had a bowl and was disappointed. Ice cream just isn’t the same anymore.

I’m writing this to you in the hopes that you’ll tell me you’re bringing it back. That you can give me a date when it will be on the store shelves again. Or that you’ll allow me to buy it directly from you. Or that you’ve found my sad letter depressing enough to provide me with a lifetime supply of my favorite flavor for free. Any of these will be acceptable, but please, please don’t tell me that I will never see it again. I don’t know if I could bear it.


I ended up getting the most corporate response ever back, but they ended up pointing me toward a grocery store thirty-five minutes away that had three cartons. I’m sure by the time this posts it will all be gone.

Sense 8

Recently I watched and loved the second season of Sense 8, almost as soon as I’d finished Netflix announced that it had been canceled. I felt so betrayed. It’s been some time since I heard their decision and I can safely say that I’m still pissed off. I’ve actually gone so far as to cancel Netflix. While, I’m sure I’ll be back, for the first time in about ten years I won’t have Netflix. When I do inevitably re-subscribe I don’t see myself keeping it going indefinitely. I’ll probably just watch what I want then cancel it again.

I thought they were going to be different from networks and at least give me closure on their shows, but Sense 8 season 2 had a massive cliffhanger and now we’ll never know what happened. The Wachowskis told them from the beginning that they planned on five seasons, they knew that it was going to be a large cast and filmed all over the world. None of this was news and yet Netflix decided not to continue.

I understand that they weren’t getting the kind of viewer numbers they expected, but that’s the beauty of the Netflix model, the show is going nowhere. It will always be there for people to discover and love, only now they will find it and be let down. It will be the next Firefly, a vocal fanbase that feels forever slighted. If we could only get a movie to wrap it up that might make things better.

I don’t normally write stuff like this, I write reviews, but it bothered me so much I felt like I had to share something. For now, I’m going to wrap up watching the few things in my Netflix queue that aren’t available anywhere else, and then probably end up buying more seasons of things on Amazon. Because, honestly, fuck you Netflix.


Clearly my post has worked, lol, Netflix is going to let them create a two hour movie. I know it’s not going to have everything I want, but hopefully it’s enough. Yeah!