Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies I’ve Watched This Week – 12/20/2020

A California Christmas (Netflix) – If you’re looking for a mixture of the emotional Christmas movie and the hot city person coming to the country, then here you go. Wasn’t for me.

A Puppy for Christmas A ridiculously adorable puppy and a woman who does most things wrong and yet still stumbles into happiness. Again, wasn’t for me.

12 Pups of Christmas Oh my fucking god this movie was a mess. The dude was horrible. The woman was cold and unemotional one second and screaming at someone the next. Her fiancé cheated on her with her best friend and she found out on her wedding day. Then she moved across the country for a job where somehow she’s the only person to make super, super obvious fixes to a dying company. Apparently, finding homes at Christmas for 12 puppies is a difficult task. Then her best friend shows up and claims that the ex-fiancé manipulated her into cheating. It was a mess from beginning to end.

The Great British Baking Show Holidays (Netflix) – I’m not sure why the Derry Girls were in an episode of this and frankly I don’t care. It was great.

The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix) – I thought I’d already put this on a list, but apparently not. It was as good as I remember and has become a yearly re-watch.

Die Hard 2 This is as much a Christmas movie as the first one, though, not as good.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Another yearly movie that has a moment in it that I’d love to have edited out.

A Christmas Princess I feel bad for the actors in this one. The story and sets were god awful. This was easily the worst sets I’ve seen in a Christmas movie. It was honestly worth watching just to marvel at how bad they were. The story made no sense, but at first glance you’d think it did. The only people trying on this movie were the actors.

A Bad Moms Christmas This was pretty funny. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie and I certainly don’t have the same feelings about Christmas as these women do, but I laughed a lot. Do not watch around kids lol

Christmas Movies I’ve Watched This Week – 12/13/2020

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish – I’ve never seen a High School Musical movie, but I assume it’s like this.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas This was the first movie that I saw in 3D and I love that. This is a yearly movie and I find it hilarious and awesome each time. I hope they’re able to make a 4th one day.

Midnight at the Magnolia (Netflix) – Yeah no. I didn’t like this one. Plus, it’s not really a Christmas movie even though it’s categorized as one.

The Santa Clause – A Christmas classic that I watch every year.

Hometown Holiday – If you are into the whole country is better than city life, and if you have no idea what living in the country is like, this is the movie for you. The only win for me was that they didn’t try to do accents.

This Christmas – A family that ultimately loves each other, but are hiding a few things come together at Christmas. The scene where the sister beats her husband with a belt while he’s covered in baby oil is perfect.

Godmothered (Disney+)– A movie set at Christmas time, where Christmas plays a minor part, but isn’t the main thing. It was cute and funny. I’d watch it again, but it’s not going in my Christmas rotation.

Klaus (Netflix)– My kids watched this last year, but I missed it. I’m glad I was able to catch it this year. Definite add to my yearly list.

Christmas Movies I’ve Watched This Week – 11/29/2020

I’ve been avoiding posting movie reviews because it’s just too much on top of my book reviews. But as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I started gorging on Christmas movies, and I wanted to post a little something about them.

I love Christmas movies, books, and TV episodes. They’re generally of lesser quality than their non-holiday counterparts, but I still can’t get enough. This year especially. So I figured I’d post weekly updates on what I’ve watched and short little snippets of my thoughts. Maybe I’ll even write a 2020 Best Christmas Movies list. Though, that might not be fair, considering it would end up just being older movies.

Home Alone (1990) – This is a yearly re-watch. When I was a child I enjoyed seeing Kevin handle business. Now that I’m an adult I go between horror that he was forgotten at home to completely understanding how it could happen.

The Grinch (2018) – I’ve never watched this version of the movie and frankly had no desire too. It was about what I expected and I’ll probably only watch this again if my kids want too.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – This version came out at the perfect time for me to attach nostalgia to it. I remember watching Regis and Kelly (yes I’m that old) when Jim Carey and the little girl were interviewing. I love the music, so this is a yearly re-watch for me.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) – Another re-watch that I got to enjoy with me kids for the first time.

A Christmas Prince (2017) – If I had cable my DVR would be full of these types of Christmas movies. I am so glad that Netflix has started making them. The movie isn’t perfect, but it’s fun to just have in the background watching.

A Christmas Prince Royal Wedding (2018) – I love the fact that a universe was born from the first movie. This one continues on with the feel of the first, though, it is a bit saccharine.

A Christmas Prince Royal Baby (2019) – Easily the worst movie in the Christmas Prince franchise. They pushed Amber past naïve and into stupid territory. Also, they did a freaking horrible job with her makeup. At 31 her crow’s feet should not look like that, I felt horrible for her.

The Princess Switch (2018) – My feelings for this movie remain the same as the first time I watched it. It’s not as good as The Christmas Prince. It’s a fine movie, but the prince is unimpressionable and boring. The man playing him is attractive, but he’s basically an accessory. There isn’t enough romance here. It’s hard enough to build a believable enough romance during these short movies for one couple, it’s pretty impossible to do it with two.

The Princess Switch 2: Switch Harder (2020) – Not the real title, but it should be. Romance wise this one is better than the first, but it really doubles down on my feelings for the prince. He comes off as pathetic and stupid and I can’t help but feel sorry for him.

Happiest Season (2020) – My favorite new movie of the year. Omg I nearly ugly sobed with this one, but in a good way. I could soooo relate to Harper in this movie and I felt such sympathy for Abby. Ughhhh I loved this movie. I’m going to re-watch it, not sure if I’ll do it this year, or every year from now. We’ll see.