Disney Toybox Figures

Disney Toybox Star-Lord T’Challa

Holy cow I was not expecting this figure, but I’m so happy they did it. I’ve only seen a few episodes of What if? but I really liked this episode. Peter Quill is such a fuck up so it was cool to see just how different things would have been with T’Challa as Star-Lord.

What I particularly love about this figure is the second head. While it looks creepy in the packaging, I thought they missed a big opportunity by not doing something like this with the Black Panther figure. At that point, there had been no people of color figures released in the line. Now we’ve had Sam as Captain America, but that’s it. The entire Toybox collection is lacking in people of color. Finn was another missed opportunity in the Star Wars line. I’m not as pissed about that because the sequel trilogy sucks.

Anyway, here’s a new figure in time for Christmas. No idea how fast this will go, but there are shipping shortages everywhere so…


New Disney Toybox Figures

I’m sorry to anyone who hasn’t yet watched Falcon and Winter Soldier because the new figures contain spoilers.

Captain America Sam Wilson looks really cool. Honestly one of the coolest looking figures to come out so far. Definitely in the Marvel line. Those wings are awesome and I think his face really hits the design of the figures. It’s also really nice to FINALLY have a figure that’s a person of color and you can actually see that. With Black Panther and Miles Morales they’re wearing their masks and there’s no way to tell that they aren’t white. At least with Captain Marvel they provided two heads. I’m pretty happy with this figure.

On the other side of things we’ve got Winter Soldier. They somehow took Sebastian Stan, a ridiculously attractive man, and made him into generic white man number one. Fine, fine it’s not supposed to be Sebastian Stan. I realize that. None of the other figures look like their people either, except for maybe Doctor Strange. Still, this figure lacks personality. Even the quirky eyebrows aren’t enough to help this face. At least the costume is cool looking. Though you can see in this pic the knife is bent so I would be hesitant to buy this online.

It’s been nice to get new Toybox figures tied to the Marvel TV shows on Disney+. It makes marketing sense. The other lines are falling behind on the quantity of figures. Hopefully, when we start getting more Star Wars tv shows we’ll start getting figures again. Even without that Disney still has a fairly deep well of characters they can pull from if they feel like it.