Disney Toybox Star-Lord T’Challa

Holy cow I was not expecting this figure, but I’m so happy they did it. I’ve only seen a few episodes of What if? but I really liked this episode. Peter Quill is such a fuck up so it was cool to see just how different things would have been with T’Challa as Star-Lord.

What I particularly love about this figure is the second head. While it looks creepy in the packaging, I thought they missed a big opportunity by not doing something like this with the Black Panther figure. At that point, there had been no people of color figures released in the line. Now we’ve had Sam as Captain America, but that’s it. The entire Toybox collection is lacking in people of color. Finn was another missed opportunity in the Star Wars line. I’m not as pissed about that because the sequel trilogy sucks.

Anyway, here’s a new figure in time for Christmas. No idea how fast this will go, but there are shipping shortages everywhere so…