Jamie Lee Curtis

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)


Charles Crichton

John Cleese


Jamie Lee Curtis

John Cleese

Kevin Kline

Michael Palin


In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot.


I swear I’ve watched this movie before, I know I have, but the only scene I remember was in the game Scene It. I didn’t even remember the ending.

Oh well, Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome in this, not only is she gorgeous but she’s the brains. She’s got all of them wrapped around her finger. I freaking loved the ending.

Four people pull a diamond heist, not a very elegant one, but that’s not the point. They have the diamonds and that’s when things really get started.

The movie is funny, but not often laugh out loud. I was expecting more slapstick and there were moments, but honestly if it wasn’t for Kevin Kline’s character it would have been an entirely different movie. He was deranged and weird, while everyone else was mostly normal.

It’s an older movie and a bit dated when it comes to airport security, but still fun.



True Lies (1994)


Directed By:

James Cameron


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jamie Lee Curtis

Tom Arnold

Plot Synopsis:

Harry Tasker is a secret agent for the United States Government. For years, he has kept his job from his wife, but is forced to reveal his identity and try to stop nuclear terrorists when he and his wife are kidnapped by the terrorists.


I’ve watched True Lies a few times but it’s been a while. The other night it was on TV and even though it was edited all to hell I was still reminded what an awesome movie it is. It’s got good action, several laugh out loud moments, and Jamie Lee Curtis dancing in black sexy underwear. It doesn’t get much better than that.

With Hollywood’s love of sequels I wonder why this hasn’t gotten one? Is that something you’d be interested in? Reading more into it, it sounds like there was one in the works but no more.

4/5 stars