Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)


Peter Hewitt


Keanu Reeves

Alex Winter

William Sadler


A tyrant from the future creates evil android doubles of Bill and Ted and sends them back to eliminate the originals.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is still fairly fresh in my mind, but the movies are SO different I’m not sure you’d be that lost if you’d never seen the first.

Bill and Ted still have their princesses, they are still pretty stagnant in life, and their band is still what kicks off a future utopia.

Unknown to them evil robot doppelgangers have been sent back in time to stop them so that the future can be less excellent and much more serious and boring. What ensues is a seriously trippy bizarre trip through hell limbo with Death.

The ending is what you’d expect and shows the beginnings of their band. It’s funny and optimistic and sometimes exactly what you need.



12 Monkeys Season 4 (2015-2018)

12 Monkeys Season 4 (2015-2018)




Travis Fickett

Terry Matalas


Aaron Stanford

Amanda Schull

Barbra Sukowa

Emily Hampshire

Todd Stashwick


Follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will nearly destroy the human race.


After four seasons of everything going wrong that could I was a bit afraid of this season. What if it didn’t live up to the others? What if the ending sucked? What if they all died and the world ended?

Well, a lot of people died, lots of tears were shed, everything that could do wrong did, and yet I still loved the ending.


It was a bit sappy, but I freaking love sappy, especially after all the bad that’s happened to everyone. I was kept guessing up until the last minute, made me really doubt whether or not things would be great or just alright. So glad they went with great.

In order to know if they followed everything exactly and didn’t break any of their own rules I’d have to go back and re-watch the whole series and probably make notes. A lot happened, tons of time travel, lots of rules, and I’m not the most critical of those things, so it’s possible they messed up somewhere. I don’t think they did and if they did it wasn’t hugely obvious so I’m willing to cut them so slack.

I love time travel so I’ll always give it a shot, 12 Monkeys is much darker than I usually like, but it’s got just enough light and hope to not be completely depressing. The main and side characters are great, not too good or bad, flawed but ultimately do the right thing. I really loved the series and I’m glad we got the final season we deserved.


Dark Matter Season 3 (2015-2017)

Dark Matter Season 3 (2015-2017)




Melissa O’Neil

Anthony Lemke

Alex Mallari Jr.


In the dystopian 27th century, six people wake up on a deserted spaceship with no memory of who they are or what they’re doing there. They reluctantly team up and set off to find answers with the help of a female android.


Why do I even let myself get invested in shows these days? Nothing seems to ever get closure. Everything ends on a cliffhanger and worlds are always hanging in the balance.

I really liked Dark Matter, the crew was interesting, just the right amount of good vs bad. The tech was fun. The world was ruled by evil corporations. There was time travel and alternate dimesions. Seriously, the show had everything I loved and I really enjoyed it.

Kiss of death apparently.

Even though the third season ended on a cliffhanger it had one of my favorite episodes. They travel back in time and get to integrate into our society for an episode. It was fun.

There are a ton of unanswered questions, but even knowing it has been canceled I’ll probably go back and re-watch it because I enjoy it that much. Maybe one day I’ll learn my lesson and just stop watching TV all together.



Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1) By: K.F. Breene

Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise #1) By: K.F. Breene


In a corporate-controlled future where the ruling conglomerates genetically engineer their employees, Millicent Foster is the best of the best.

Physically perfect and exceptionally intelligent, Millicent is granted the uncommon privilege of breeding. But her daughter inherits more than superior genetics…little Marie has a rare ability that the world has never seen, and her conglomerate, Moxidone, will stop at nothing to have sole possession of the child.

Teamed with Ryker, the formidable master of security, Millicent must risk everything in a life-and-death struggle to tear her daughter away from the ruling force who wants to own them all. The odds are stacked against them, but Moxidone will learn that the pursuit of perfection comes at a perilous cost—and that love can’t be bought at any price.


I had no idea this was a romance going in, but thankfully it wasn’t too heavy on that side of things because that’s not what I was looking for. I wanted a story about a mom who would stop at nothing to protect her child and that’s exactly what I got.

Millie is the best hacker/programmer on Earth and she’s owned by a company that wants her to create weapons, so she does. She doesn’t care about the world and how screwed up it is, nothing really matters to her except figuring out the next puzzle. When she’s selected to breed her security is upgraded and she meets the new security dude that annoys her but for the most part that’s it. They’ve got chemistry, but she’s on a pill that takes away her sex drive.

Ryker is a security director and one of the best in the business, not sure if he’s the best or just the best at his conglomerate, doesn’t really matter. He likes Millie and hits on her constantly. The constant names are a bit annoying and he seems almost like a throwback, not sure how he fits into a futuristic society any other way. He’s the one that puts the idea of leaving in Millie’s head.

At first I was a bit disappointed that she ended up needing his help, I was afraid she would become all weak and unable to save herself and her child, but she had plenty of opportunities to kick ass and she was just as violent as he was.

There was one other character that was fleshed out, but for the most part it was all about the tech. The world was interesting, but the descriptions of tech and what Millie was doing, at times, was too much. My eyes would start skipping ahead. There was also an almost constant sense of urgency and peril once we started and that pace was hard to keep up.

I liked the book, mainly for the world and the possibilities there, but also because Millie was so capable and the side character, Trent, was interesting. He was the one that was explaining the world and history so that might be why I liked him. There is no possibility of a relationship there so I don’t have to worry about future love triangles, which is nice.

Anyway, I’ve got the next book downloaded and I’m looking forward to learning more about Millie’s sister and everything going on, on Earth.


Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)


Roland Emmerich


Jeff Goldblum

Liam Hemsworth

Bill Pulman


Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind’s new space defenses be enough?


Wow, just wow. This movie was just a string of clichés and tropes, there was no build up it was from the get go the aliens are trying to kill us, here feel something for these people. Nope, not going to happen. Here watch a woman sacrifice herself for a new mother and newborn. Watch this father give his life for his child. Watch this dork say things that get the girl to like him. This movie was seriously horrible, but not in a way that made it good. This movie was never good, never. They took an interesting premise, a good piece of source material to build from, and made a joke.