The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)


The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)


Peter Winther


Noah Wyle

Sonya Walger

Bob Newhart

Jane Curtin


Flynn, an over 30 “professional student,” is banned from more classes, since he already has 22 degrees. Unexpectedly hired by a mysterious library, he’s soon pursuing a stolen artifact from…


I like this movie because it starts off a franchise that I really enjoy, though I do think the idea is better than the actual execution sometimes. At the very least it’s an awesome movie to have playing in the background while you’re doing something else, though I highly recommend watching it at least once.

Flynn, Noah Wyle, is ridiculously smart but he’s not so far on that side of things that he’s unaware of his own social faults. He’s not even that socially awkward, like sometimes happens with intellectual characters, he’s just not as willing to have meaningless conversation and I think that works great for his character.

It doesn’t even bother me that he’s got a new girl in each movie, I think mainly because they don’t really try and force a whole love angle it’s more of a I’m attracted to you let’s see what happens thing.

Like the movie, love the series, definitely give it a try if you like Indiana Jones.




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