Delicious Emily: Hopes and Fears

Delicious Emily: Hopes and Fears








When Paige succumbs to a mysterious illness, Patrick embarks in search of a cure. Join Emily and Patrick in the twelfth installment of the Delicious franchise as they face Emily’s Hopes & Fears.


The game starts off with Emily and Patrick having some issues with being parents. Well, mainly Patrick wanting to work on his motorcycle and do his thing but Emily wanting him to be more hands on with Paige. Patrick is all whiny and annoying and honestly bothered me through the whole game.

Once Paige gets sick instead of sticking around to be with his daughter in the hospital he decides that a special flower his grandfather wrote about will cure her and so he freaking leaves. Wtf?!? Emily had a couple moments where she was angry at him but she was entirely too forgiving for his fucked up behavior.

Of course he finds the flower and it ends up curing her, which bothered me even more. Modern medicine failed and a magical flower cured all while at the same time a father got to bail and go on a “heroes” journey. I think considerably less of Patrick after this game.

I was able to beat it in about 17 hours then spent 3 hours trying to get all the achievements. I’m still lacking two because I can’t find the one freaking item that I have not sold to someone and I’m going to have to create a spreadsheet and checklist to get it. I’m not in a rush to do that, though.

Style and gameplay are the same as previous games. There are 65 levels and 3 stars for each level. You’ve got side quests and mice to catch. It was fun, but I wasn’t a fan of the story.



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